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Sprouting Seeds, Sprouting Prosperity

Celebrating the 14th PunLad Festival in Talisay, Batangas

In the heart of Batangas, the vibrant town of Talisay gears up for a joyful celebration of its 14th PunLad Festival. Held every second week of February, this unique festival takes its name from a delightful portmanteau combining "punla (seedlings)" and "pag-unlad (progress)," a fitting tribute to Talisay's status as the Seedling Bowl of the Philippines.

The town is home to numerous plant nurseries and gardens, producing 80 to 85% of seedlings and saplings in the country.

The PunLad Festival is a time for Taliseños to come together as a community, showcasing their cultural values, honoring their agricultural heritage and celebrating the bountiful harvests that nurture their town.

A Seedling of Prosperity: The Heart of the Festival

At its core, the PunLad Festival celebrates the significance of seedlings, not just for agriculture and aquaculture, but as a symbol of growth, development, and progress. The hardworking farmers of Talisay dedicate their lives to cultivating these tiny sprouts, knowing they hold the potential for future prosperity.

This year's festival promises an exciting lineup of events, including:

  • Street parades: Dazzling floats adorned with vibrant blooms and creative displays depicting the agricultural life of Talisay.

  • Dance competition: A fun and friendly competition among the 21 barangays of Talisay displaying creativity and talent while promoting the town’s rich agriculture.

  • Cultural presentations: Students and teachers from different schools in Talisay showcasing the rich heritage and diverse talents of Taliseños through folk dances, music, and traditional performances.

  • Competitions: From agricultural exhibits to culinary contests, showcasing the skills and resourcefulness of the townspeople.

  • Thanksgiving Mass: A heartfelt expression of gratitude for the blessings of the land and the continued prosperity of Talisay.

Beyond the Festivities: Exploring Talisay's Seedling Capital Charm

While the PunLad Festival offers a glimpse into the heart of Talisay, there's so much more to discover in this charming town. Visitors can immerse themselves in the verdant landscapes, explore nearby farms and nurseries, and witness the dedication and passion poured into nurturing seedlings.

For a truly enriching experience, consider visiting the town of Talisay and delve into the town’s agricultural history, and interact with local farmers.

Join the Festivities!

If you're looking for a vibrant and meaningful cultural experience, the PunLad Festival is a must-attend. Mark your calendars for the second week of February and be prepared to be captivated by the warmth, hospitality, and undeniable agricultural spirit of Talisay!

For more information, visit the official website of Talisay, Batangas.

All the photos in this article were taken by Marboy Sayno.

Marboy is a talented travel photographer whose photos are a beautiful declaration of love for the beauty of the Philippines--its land and its people.

He has been taking photos of Club Balai Isabel since 2009, and we have witnessed him hone his craft through the years. He is a fixture at our biggest events, and we look forward to sharing more of his photos of our little barangay on the lake.

Visit to learn more about his work.

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