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Festive Nights & Glittering Lights at Club Balai Isabel

Last December, Club Balai Isabel kicked off the Christmas season by celebrating Simbang Gabi with an electrifying performance by the Banda San Guillermo Band. It was a joyous occasion that marked the beginning of the festive celebrations.

The atmosphere on Christmas Eve was one of relaxation and delight at Terraza Restaurant. Guests were treated to a delicious Christmas buffet that featured Filipino favorites, accompanied by the soothing melodies of Cath on the keyboards and Weng on the saxophone. The evening was filled with laughter and merriment as Gelo and Divine hosted a variety of fun games and activities.

New Year's Eve was a memorable experience as Club Balai Isabel organized its celebrations at the breathtaking Aplaya Pavilion for the first time. Guests were captivated by a stunning sunset and enjoyed the mild weather. Terraza Restaurant and Kumintang Republik (who brought a cheese wheel for their pasta!) delighted with their holiday spread. The Pier and Hapag ng Karpentero ensured that the bar was well-stocked, providing a wide selection of beverages.

As the clock struck midnight, the arrival of 2024 was celebrated with incredible live performances by the Momentum Band and Banda San Guillermo. Gelo and Divine once again infused the celebration with an infectious energy that had everyone on their feet. Adding to the excitement, some guests and homeowners took the stage to showcase their talents. The sky was illuminated with a spectacular fireworks display, while the sound of trumpets filled the air as everyone enthusiastically joined in the revelry.

This last New Year's Eve celebration was our most fun one and most successful yet-- a testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire team. We take pride and joy in starting the year on such a high note, and we are optimistic that it sets the tone for a truly remarkable 2024.

We invite you to join us at the end of the year as we strive to surpass our own expectations and create even more unforgettable moments. Together, we’ll make each celebration at Club Balai Isabel an extraordinary experience that leaves lasting memories.

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