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Right on the shores of Taal Lake in Talisay, Batangas, Club Balai Isabel has a spectacular front row view of Taal Volcano— the smallest active volcano—and access to the beauty and bounty of the lake.

The volcanic activity is the reason that the soil in the area around the lake is very rich and fertile. So much so that Talisay is known to be the seedling capital of Luzon, and you will see all types of seedling farms on your way to Club Balai Isabel.

In fact, the land on which the resort now stands was once a coconut and mango plantation. Techno-Asia Construction & Development, Inc, the resort’s developer, has worked hard to make sure that the least amount of trees was cut down during construction. You can see a lot of those trees still standing strong and tall and beautiful today.

Talisay, our home

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