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Wedding Proposal

Asking someone to spend the rest of their life with their significant other can be a daunting and anxiety-laden event. This simple gesture brings along big expectations and pressure, especially on the person who will pop the question.


Here in the Philippines, it is customary for an aspiring groom to formally ask the aspiring bride’s family for her hand in marriage. This happens before the wedding preparation and wedding planning officially starts.

Engagement Party

In this current age, news of someone getting engaged quickly spreads like wildfire because of the heavy influence of technology. Nowadays, relatives can get these updates instantly with phone calls, emails or status updates on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Prenuptial Shoot

Nowadays, couples that are about to get hitched hop on the bandwagon and hire photographers and videographers for their prenuptial shoots.

Resort Wedding

In this generation, a growing number of engaged Filipino couples tend to opt for a unique wedding destination over a traditional wedding ceremony. With the diverse landscape the Philippines has to offer, couples can choose from a multitude of venues for a unique and unforgettable wedding experience.

Lakefront Wedding

A tropical paradise dream come true, lakefront weddings are for couples who wish to say their “I do’s” in a not-so-traditional but dreamy setting. A lakefront wedding creates an unorthodox wedding ceremony held in an exotic location for a unique and beautiful wedding event.

Garden Wedding

Surrounded by green grass, a wide variety of flowers and shady trees, an outdoor wedding adds additional flair and excitement to a traditional wedding as it provides a more customizable ceremony venue for creative couples.

Local Honeymoon

Prepping for a wedding undeniably creates a busy schedule for everyone involved especially the couple about to get married. After the wedding day and the craziness dies down, it is reasonable for a newlywed couple to seek refuge in a quiet place where they can just unwind and chill.

International Honeymoon

Couples based internationally who wish to escape to a different location away from their hometown, will find solace in Club Balai Isabel.

Vow Renewals

The renewal of vows is a formal reaffirmation of a couple’s love and commitment to each other, to commemorate the union of two individuals even after years of marriage. A vow renewal event is not just a mere celebration, but also a day of thanksgiving between the couple and their loved ones.

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