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Vow Renewals

This ceremony symbolizes the strong commitment and marriage of the couples through thick and thin. Vow renewals are often celebrated with the couple and their closest family and friends.

Unlike a wedding where there are certain restrictions involved, couples who wish to engage in a vow renewal ceremony are not limited on how to proceed with the event.

There are fewer rules to consider compared to other union rituals. Vow renewals can be flexible in terms of the number of people involved. The event can either be a simple, intimate affair between the couple or a grand gathering for invited friends and family to witness.

Exchange Vows by the Lake

As the renewal of vows is not as strict as a proper wedding ceremony with legal contracts, anyone from a dear family member or a close friend of the married couple can easily lead the ceremony. Vow renewal venues are also more flexible compared to events like weddings, baptisms and others.

Strategically located along the shores of Taal Lake, Club Balai Isabel offers an extraordinary location right across the smallest volcano in the world, the Taal volcano. Club Balai Isabel provides a wide choice of venues within its alluring landscape and architecture. The resort can accommodate vow renewals by the waterfront, from small wooden platforms to a spacious boardwalk.

Reaffirm Commitment with God’s Presence

Couples who wish to reaffirm their relationship with spiritual guidance,can hold the ceremony at the Spousal of Mary and Joseph Chapel built within the resort’s vicinity. The chapel decorated with beautiful interiors and a historical exterior is one of the perfect places for couples to reaffirm their love for each other.

This venue holds a quiet and solemn ceremony as the married couple recites their vows once more, reasserting their commitment to one another. The spacious chapel can hold either a big renewal ceremony or a smaller private service.

Celebrate with Nature

With the resort’s surroundings consisting of lush greens and expansive gardens, couples may opt to renew their vows in a garden event. Garden venues in Club Balai Isabel are surrounded with trees and the cool lake breeze makes for a perfect set up. Both the Talisay and Kumintang gardens offer a charming vow renewal spot complete with accompanying pools that create a laid-back atmosphere. The after-ceremony party can be held in the garden or in the other resort venues, with table settings and seating set up by Club Balai Isabel.

Following the vow renewal ceremony is the reception, gathering families and friends of the couple to celebrate the occasion. Choosing from a various selection of function halls, Club Balai Isabel provides with a variety of air-conditioned rooms that can hold small intimate affairs to grand lavish events. With some function rooms capable of accommodating up to 1000 people, Club Balai Isabel’s function halls offer a spacious venue for any celebration. These air-conditioned venues are also perfect for vow renewals.

Equipped with first-class amenities, Club Balai Isabel is a more than ideal venue for celebrations and events such as these vow renewals. Located just a few hours from the city of Manila, the resort is the choice of many for various events. With accommodating and friendly staff eager to assist in the couple’s every need, vow renewals in Club Balai Isabel will surely be a memorable experience.