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Resort Wedding

Whether couples decide on a simple garden wedding, a lakefront wedding or an extravagant wedding, Club Balai Isabel offers a wide range of ceremony and reception venues to suit different tastes.

resort-wedding1Club Balai Isabel, with its diverse landscape, provides a number of options for couples eyeing an alternative to the traditional wedding. The first-class resort boasts of a charming, close up view of the Taal Volcano, creating a picturesque backdrop for a memorable wedding. Couples can choose to have the wedding ceremony held at the lakeside, just a few steps away from the freshwater or at the Pantalan dock where the water is within reach. The horizon is spectacular with the Taal volcano in view, creating a perfect setting for the couple’s exchange of vows. At sunrise or sunset, the stunning view from the lakeside grounds where the sky is laced with shades of gold, purple and orange, makes for an unforgettable background.

Club Balai Isabel is also beautifully designed with rustic landscape architecture for added charm that creates a captivating setting for a wedding ceremony. This first-class resort offers a selection of garden sites with sprawling greens and pools for outdoor weddings. This area known as the Kumintang Poolside, can accommodate up to 1000 guests, making it perfect for a huge wedding. The expansive grounds offer a simple but flexible wedding venue option, providing enough room for both the ceremony and the wedding reception. Newlyweds and their guests can enjoy the cool breeze from the lake and surrounding trees in the area.

resort-wedding2For a smaller wedding party, the wedding ceremony and reception can be held at the Talisay Garden Poolside. This poolside makes for a quiet venue perfect for couples who prefer a more intimate ceremony, but still want to invite up to 300 guests. The secluded location amidst the trees presents a more private affair, with the couple and their loved ones taking part in an exclusive wedding ceremony.

For more adventurous couples, Club Balai Isabel offers an extraordinary wedding venue amongst the ruins of a 17th century church. Located beside the Spousal of Mary and Joseph chapel, the ruin grounds date back to the colonial period where the Spanish government ruled the country, providing a unique and historical touch to a wedding ceremony. Depending on the request, these church ruins can house up to 300 guests on site, allowing for a smaller or medium-sized affair if preferred. The reception can follow at the nearby garden located by the riverside or beside the ruins itself.

For couples who prefer an afternoon wedding or reception without the extra outdoor heat, Club Balai Isabel rents out air-conditioned halls called “Pavilions” that can hold either small or large weddings or receptions. With an access view of the lake and the Taal Volcano, the Taal Pavilion can accommodate up to 350 guests. A smaller venue, the Talisay Pavilion is the perfect setting for a more exclusive celebration of up to 250 people. Smaller reception halls are also available for very small wedding parties of 80 people and below.

Club Balai Isabel offers pre-planned wedding and prenuptial packages to assist in creating a couple’s dream wedding. The resort’s amiable and accommodating staff will be more than happy to create and manage any additional requests.

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