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For Filipinos, this long-established tradition not only allows the groom to get permission from the bride’s parents, but also it is a venue for most parents from both parties to meet for the first time. Though some of the customary rites have been made more modern these days, the tradition of Pamanhikan is still being performed by couples looking forward to tie the knot and ask for both of their parents’ blessings.

The Filipino Tradition of Pamanhikan

During a Pamanhikan, the family of the groom-to-be accompanies him to meet with the bride’s family, usually in the bride’s own home. The aspiring groom and his parents bring food to share with the bride’s family. Sometimes, it is the other way around with the bride preparing the food since the groom will be visiting. In simple terms, this Filipino tradition is known as parents meeting parents and family meeting family. Originally, the Pamanhikan is held to inform and plan about the wedding including the budget, guest list and other important details for planning the wedding.

In traditional Filipino culture, both of the couples’ parents direct and lay out the plan for their children’s wedding. Over time, this tradition has shifted leaving the major decision making to couples, since most couples nowadays shoulder the expenses of their own wedding. Their parents often only give advice to their son or daughter, to assist and make their wedding preparation easier.

Recreating Pamanhikan at Club Balai Isabel

Some couples tend to gather their immediate family and relatives during the occasion. With the Filipinos famous for their kind hospitality, most of the time, an average living room cannot accommodate two entire families. Due to this drawback, the engaged couple tend to look for alternative venues where their families can meet and join them to talk about the wedding planning details. These planning venues usually comprise of restaurants, resorts and hotels.

Club Balai Isabel is a resort located only a few hours from Manila, equipped with different function rooms and villas that are perfect for the Pamanhikan tradition. The resort offers a variety of event locations that are perfect in recreating the traditional Pamanhikan, at a not so traditional setting.

The resort solves the problem of having a small house, by providing villas and cottages that can accommodate a larger number of people while keeping with the tradition. These types of rooms come with much needed amenities, like refrigerators, stove tops and adequate number of tables just right for a traditional Pamanhikan set up.

Club Balai Isabel also offers air-conditioned function rooms in different sizes, for different guest or family sizes. Whether the couple prefers to have a grand party or just a small intimate gathering, the resort’s open-air function rooms are well suited for any event. For couples and families who want to reconnect to nature, they can hold the Pamanhikan at any of the resort’s open-air function areas. The Pantalan sa Terraza or the Pantalan sa Mobideep can be converted into a long dinner table set up where families can chit chat about the wedding. These Club Balai Isabel lake side venues provide a beautiful view of the majestic Taal volcano amidst the clear and serene waters of the Taal Lake.

The Pamanhikan tradition is a milestone in both the couple’s lives and their families’. Pamanhikan creates a bond between both the bride and groom’s families, and paves the way for the future of both families together. Club Balai Isabel is capable of ensuring that this event is made memorable, as the foundation for the couple’s wedding for many years to come.