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Water Sport Adventure at Lake Taal!

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Lake Taal just got even better!

Club Balai Isabel in partnership with Diamond Watersports of Boracay Fame, are now offering a number of Lake activities that everyone will enjoy. Fun rides like Parasailing, Paraw, Banana Boat, Flyfish, Bandwagon and more.


One of the most exciting rides to check off of your bucket list is the Parasailing Adventure. Soar above Lake Taal and get a birds eye view of the famous Taal Volcano.


PARASAILING is an extreme sports activity where you glide through the air wearing an open parachute while being towed by a motorboat.

Riders must wear life vests and get securely strapped with a harness. Being scared is not a problem, you can signal the boatman below with an imaginary circle if you want to end the 15-minute ride


Experience the thrill of the wind blowing in your face as you rise higher and higher with only one rope binding you to the boat. A definite must try when visiting Lake Taal.

Parasailing: Solo-P2,300, Two or Three flyers P1725/head
Duration: 15-minutes
Restrictions: 14 years +



Nothing is easier than the BANANA BOAT. It is an inflated tube that is towed by a boat while the riders hold on, try not to fall off - which sometimes happens. Safety is not a problem as all riders will be provided with life jackets.

The ride is a great activity for individuals, families and groups can enjoy. Experience the six-person inflatable boat, it's more fun than you can imagine.

Duration: 15-minutes
Price: P300/each
Restrictions: 2 years + (Guardian must sign waiver)
Minimum riders: 5 people



The FLYFISH is one of the wildest and thrilling ride on Club Balai Isabel. The objective is to stay on top of the inflatable flyfish while being pulled along by the speedboat. They don’t call it Flyfish for nothing, expect to get some airtime as the speedboat gains speed and launches you into the air!

Imagine holding on to the ride in this position. ☺

Duration: 15-minutes
Price: P700/each
Restrictions: 18 years +
Minimum riders: n/a



There’s always something for the whole gang to enjoy, with the awesome BANDWAGON ride. The towable 4-seat rider features an innovating way of riding in style, whether it’s sitting forward, lying down, kneeling or any style you want!

Duration: 15-minutes
Price: P600/each
Restrictions: 10 years +
Minimum riders: 0



Besides, the wild and wet rides Club Balai also offers relaxing alternatives...


KAYAKING, offers enjoyment, a healthy exercise, solitude, an adventure or a peaceful escape.

Kayak Single Seater: P150/hr
Kayak Double Seater: P300/hr



Enjoy Lake Taal with the family through the 1-4 seater PEDAL BOAT. Get the chance to bond and have wonderful memories with them.

Pedal Boat: 500/hr



There's nothing like the thrill and speed of splashing water as you ride our JET SKI. The self-propelled vehicle is safe and easy to operate, and a great way to skim around and get close to Taal Volcano. :)

Jetski: P2,000 (30 mins. )
Jetski: P3,500/hr



PARAW SAILING is a popular tourist attraction in Boracay, and now it's here in Club Balai Isabel!

A paraw is a typical Philippine double outrigger sailboat. This Traditional Visayan sailboat was originally used for fishing and transporting goods around the islands.

To sail out into the setting sun on a paraw is just an amazing. Sturdy fishnets serves as the riders seat you can stand, lay down and sit in any position you want.


Don't forget to wear swim attitre, as you you can jump in the middle of the lake for a nice quick dip. To relax and enjoy the warm sun while the colors turn from red to orange, and from purple to blue is magical. Be sure to rent ahead of time, because during sunset is the time everybody wants to rent a Paraw.

Paraw: P2500 (1 hour good for 4 pax)
Maximum: 8pax (Additional P300/head)


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