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Garden Wedding

Whether the couple decides that the ceremony presents a rustic feel or an elegant al fresco setting, a garden wedding is still one of the top choices for a creative outdoor wedding venue.

Why a Garden Wedding?

A quiet alternative set up close to nature, a garden wedding creates a magical and romantic event for the couple and all their guests. A popular choice among aspiring couples, garden weddings are considered as trendy and more laid back compared to traditional weddings.

The perfect venue for a garden wedding should create a romantic and magical feel depending on the theme chosen by the couple. Garden weddings are one of the more memorable weddings with guests gushing over the couple as they exchange vows beyond the green landscape, with a distant view of the Taal lake and the Taal volcano.

Get Married in Club Balai Isabel's Gardens

Club Balai Isabel’s architecturally-landscaped gardens are the perfect venues to hold an outdoor wedding. The resort has various garden locations that can accommodate as little as 30 guests to a thousand guests, making Club Balai Isabel a wedding destination haven for aspiring couples everywhere.

Blessed with an expansive and well-maintained green field, the Kumintang Gardens provides a spacious area to hold a wedding ceremony. Surrounded by tall trees and an exquisite sight of the Taal Lake, the Kumintang grounds can comfortably accommodate up to a thousand wedding guests. Whether the wedding will be held in the early morning or close to dusk, a garden wedding held at the Kumintang Gardens can be as simple or as lavish as the couple wants it to be.

The charming Talisay Garden and Pool Side meanwhile, can accommodate a shorter wedding guest list. Less broad than the Kumintang Gardens, the Talisay grounds offer an ample space for a casual-themed outdoor wedding. The wedding ceremony proper and the reception can be held at the Talisay Garden and Pool Side venue which is capable of up to 300 people. The lush green garden and pool area contributes a laid back feel to the wedding celebration. With requests such as placing lighted floating candles in the pool to facilitating in the putting up of decorations around the venue, Club Balai Isabel will be more than happy to accommodate any of the couple’s specific requests.

For a more elaborate wedding ceremony with over 2000 guests, Club Balai Isabel’s Orchard Lane Courtyard is the perfect outdoor wedding venue. The lush greens and surrounding shady trees accentuate the surroundings, resulting to a grand yet romantic event. The vast space can accommodate a lavish wedding with a larger number of guests.

To assist in the couple’s wedding planning needs, Club Balai Isabel offers specially-crafted wedding and prenuptial packages designed to suit any wedding celebration. A honeymoon package can also be availed for couples who want to spend the night in the resort’s world-class suites.

Club Balai Isabel’s green landscapes and well maintained lawns make for a perfect wedding spectacle. With the Taal lake and the Taal volcano in full view, the resort is sure to be the perfect garden wedding destination. Its strategic location considers the travel times of guests and family, only being a short drive from Manila. Whatever the garden wedding desired by the couple, Club Balai Isabel will be sure to make it happen.