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Engagement Party

Though this has been a popular trend in this generation, having an engagement party is still a more formal approach for a couple to announce that they are getting married soon.

Why an Engagement Party?

A couple’s engagement party is the best the venue to receive congratulatory remarks for the recent engagement. Throwing one puts the couple in the spotlight, and verifies that they will indeed tie the knot. The event is also a place where guests can get to know each other prior the actual wedding. Wedding details can be announced in front of family and friends as well.

Traditional Filipino Engagement Parties

In the Philippines, it is usually the family and friends of the soon-to-be-wed couple who arrange and plan for the engagement party. As with any party, an engagement party can be casual, formal or something in between - whatever the couple prefers. This kind of party is usually held in a function room or a fancy venue accommodating either a large number of guests or just a few people roaming around getting to know each other. The party can either be a full shindig or an intimate affair. Here in the Philippines, the traditional gathering is commonly held several months or a year before the wedding day.

Engagement Parties at Club Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel offers open-air function areas that can flexibly cater to your specific location requests. Rooms are available for those who prefer to have just a few people or even hundreds of guests. For couples who prefer an outdoor view close to nature, the party can be held at the Terraza Lake Front, graced with an exquisite view of the Taal lake and the majestic Taal volcano. This venue can accommodate up to several hundreds of guests, for larger parties.

For fewer guests ranging from 50 to 70, the Pantalan sa Terraza is an alternative choice. The resort can also entertain a larger guest list of up to 2,000 guests at the Orchard Lane Courtyard.

For a more formal sit-in and dinner-type engagement celebration, the party can be held at Club Balai Isabel’s Terraza Café. This air-conditioned facility can accommodate up to 40 guests for a banquet-style event. For couples who want a larger venue for 300 people, the Taal Pavillion is an air-conditioned function room where the event can be held as well.

With our kitchen managed by competent and reliable staff, Club Balai Isabel can cater to chosen culinary requests. The resort’s restaurant showcases a delectable selection of cuisine for both local and international palates.

The couple, their families and their guests are welcome to stay at Club Balai Isabel’s world-class accommodations, for the preparations and after-math of the party. The resort is equipped with fully furnished rooms and villas for different needs. Club Balai Isabel’s hotel rooms offer smaller rooms for smaller parties with world-class amenities and facilities. For a larger number of people, the resort also rents out villas and cottages with more utilities found in a regular home.


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