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Tucked away in the outskirts of the resort, the Spousal of Mary and Joseph Chapel is a magnificent church designed for individuals who seek a tranquil setting for a solemn retreat. The chapel's rustic architecture is inspired by old churches built in the olden days. The wood and cement façade complements the peaceful garden, with a stone fountain strategically located in front of the church.

The chapel features exquisite interiors with its high white ceilings, stained glass windows and open side walls framed with wood. The structure is filled with wooden finish pews and simple chandeliers that hang from the ceiling. Natural lighting harmonizes with the beautiful wooden interior as the sun's rays beam into the chapel’s windows. To add to the overall historic feel, the ruins of a 17th century church can be found right outside the structure.

Club Balai Isabel is currently working with the National Museum of the Philippines to unravel the history behind the ruins.