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Terraza CafeClub Balai Isabel showcases the best of Philippine local ingredients to deliver an exquisite meal to its guests. Located at the resort’s club house, the Terraza Café and Restaurant offers an array of local and international cuisine that would definitely cater to any palate.

The menu highlights traditional home-cooked meals with a twist from the restaurant’s well-trained chef. Their bestsellers include Bulalo, a dish which the Batangas region is known for. The beef shank is boiled for a long period of time until a rich broth is produced. This process results in tender meat and a very flavorful soup, often served with the traditional patis or fish sauce with kalamansi.

Another popular item in their menu, Tawilis is a small fish that can only be found in the waters of Lake Taal. Although the fish is cooked in different ways, the restaurant serves the fish in a simple maneer, dipped in a light batter and fried until golden brown. This method brings out the tasty flavor of the fish and at the same time, gives the fish a crispy texture. This is often served with traditional suka or vinegar.

bulaloAfter a hefty meal, guests may want to lounge around the restaurant sipping a cup of Kapeng Barako (strong coffee) or Tsokolateng Ala E! (native hot chocolate) while enjoying an incredible view of the magnificent Taal Volcano.

Facing the Taal landscape, the restaurant provides a homey and relaxed ambience for its diners. With an open-air facility, Terraza Café and Restaurant showcases a delectable menu and an awe-inspiring sight of the world’s smallest volcano, providing guests with an ultimate and unique dining experience.